Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Real Life Wedding: Suzie & Joe

Joe and Suzie first met in 2003 when they were 16 at a party through a mutual friend. Although they didn’t go to the same schools I guess you could say we are ‘high school sweethearts’. Over the years they have been through everything together – final years of school, travelling Europe and working in England, starting new and exciting careers, a short break-up, moving in together, and after 8 years Joe decided to pop the question.

Joe proposed on their 8 year anniversary and had planned an epic proposal which required Suzie to follow a series of letters leading her to Bowral, NSW. Each letter sent her to a different location; Mount Ainslie in Canberra, where she collected her best friend who drove her around that day, Peppers Manor House in Moss Vale where they stayed that night, a day spa in Bowral for an afternoon of pampering, one letter revealed a new dress in the cupboard but eventually Suzie was lead to Fitzroy Falls where he had set up his own platform on the main viewing deck complete with champagne, a walkie talkie and the final letter. After reading the final letter their song from when they were 17 began playing over the walkie talkie and he walked up behind Suzie, asked her to turn around and he got on one knee and proposed and of course she said yes!

When Suzie & Joe first got engaged and started discussing the wedding they knew we wanted to keep things simple but still beautiful and classy.

"Joe and I wanted to be nice and relaxed on the day of our wedding so I organised a champagne breakfast for the bridesmaids and I and the boys went and played golf for the first half of the day." 

"When we arrived at the ceremony there were two things that were completely unexpected – wind and flies. The wind was bearable, although my dad had to tuck part of my veil under his arm to stop it from attacking the guests as I walked down the aisle. The flies were hilarious. I’ve never seen so many flies!! But the good thing was we were able to make a joke out of it, even having the photographer take a group photo of us with all the guests ‘swatting’ the flies."

"The reception was perfection – the food was amazing, the speeches were fantastic and heart felt, our dances went surprisingly well and it was so fun standing back and watching everyone having such a great time. So many people told me to make sure Joe and I had some time alone because more often than not the bride and groom get the end of the night and have barely seen eachother. This was the complete opposite for Joe and I. We had several moments outside alone, enjoying a glass of champagne, or having a quiet cuddle and soaking up the moment. It truly was a magical day."

Photography: Jonathan Miller
Reception Venue: Centennial Vineyards
Wedding Rings: Briolette, Michael Hill
Bridal Gown: Marry Me Bridal
Bridal Shoes: Novo
Bridesmaids’ Gowns:
Groom's Suit: Mr Charles Menswear
Florist: Botany & Co,
Transport: HCHC